Shipping & Packaging


Make sure the firearm (firearms) are unloaded. Do not send ammo. 

Packing small and secure will cost less to ship and will ensure a safe delivery.

Styrofoam peanuts do not protect anything well, and is time consuming to get out of gun parts. So if you ship to us, please do not use them.

What to include

  1. Everything to be coated
  2. Copy of your state issued ID, or the senders FFL
  3. Copy of your order confirmation or order number


We are a Federal Firearms Licensee. You may ship your firearm direct to us, and we can return ship it direct back to you. Your return shipping address must be the same address that is on your provided drivers license. Do not put a PO Box, UPS Store, or other address as that will delay the return process. You may also ship and receive through a local FFL.

Make sure to disclose that the package contains a firearm as applicable, and that no ammo is present. 

A file copy of our FFL is available upon request. If you have any issues, please contact us.

Shipping Address:

Lone Star Firearms & Manufacturing LLC

4612 County Road 919

Crowley TX, 76036-5534